Ready or not, here comes the flood

They probably laughed at Noah when he began preparing for the coming flood by building a really big boat. But for anyone who has lived through the destructive power of rising waters, the impacts are quite serious. There are plenty of recent witnesses to the devastation storms cause—those in New Orleans who survived Hurricane Katrina,

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Green Crab attack!

As part of the Island Institute’s WeatherBlur program, North Haven Community School students are using a special lobster trap on their island to gauge the populations of various species in the ocean. They are especially interested in invasive green crabs, the population of which has increased sharply in recent years.

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Ports and progress

Few question the repaving of Route 1, the upgrading of sewer lines or the expansion of fiber optic communication lines. We understand that such infrastructure is necessary to support a thriving economy. Sure, a proposal to widen the Maine Turnpike in Southern Maine 20 years ago was met with an organized opposition and actually defeated

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