Eastport as island

The Island Institute, publisher of The Working Waterfront, spends much of its time working to network Maine’s 15 year-round island communities. Institute staff help islanders share education resources, replicate home weatherization projects from island to island, and create opportunities for island entrepreneurs to sharpen their business plans by working together. Such togetherness isn’t always appropriate,

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Hindsight, mercury and tomorrow

At what point do people collectively realize that a common practice, like dumping municipal sewerage in a river or burying trash over an aquifer, must end? Sometimes, the timing is about right. Getting lead out of gasoline and paint in the 1970s came relatively soon on the heels of the science demonstrating their health threats.

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Vintage Casco Bay postcards being sold

A reader sent The Working Waterfront digital images of vintage Casco Bay postcards, featuring scenes on the islands. Most of the postcards posted here show Long Island. The reader is selling these and other postcards on the online auction site E-Bay. The Working Waterfront has no interest in the sale, but we thought readers would enjoy

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