What’s working on the waterfront–and why

Twenty years ago, as Maine’s beautiful coast was “discovered” for the umpteenth time in the last 150 years, the narrow land perch from which marine resource harvesters worked was in danger of vanishing. The Island Institute launched this newspaper in large part to help protect that perch, the so-called working waterfront. Today, just 20 miles

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Our favorite saltwater haunts

Leslie Bowman: “Raccoon Beach on Campobello Island: It is around the corner from Herring Cove Beach, which is really tied for first, as it is in the same local. The rocks, the tide pools and the incredible sky do not disappoint at anytime, year round.”  Wanda Curtis: “My favorite saltwater haunt is a small quiet

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Launch day!

Students from Searsport District High School launched the shellback dinghies they built at the town landing on Wednesday, June 4. The school’s four-year-old boatbuilding program, which relies on volunteer instructors, moved to a downtown location this year. 

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