Wednesday, Oct. 1, is an important day on Monhegan Island. Trap Day, as it’s known, marks the beginning of the island’s special lobster season, the day when fishermen begin setting their traps. Islanders and visitors often pitch in to help fishermen get their fishing gear to the wharf and on their boats.

Coinciding with Trap Day is the Monhegan Fall Abundance Festival, which includes demonstrations and tours of the Island Farm Project, tours of Monhegan Brewing Company, meals prepared from the local harvest from land and sea at The Trailing Yew, and a workshop on vegetable fermentation by island resident Tara Hire of Monhegan Wellness.

Breakwater Vineyards will offer tastes of its wines and Fiore Olive Oils and Vinegars will offer tastes of its oils and vinegars.

In all, the festival includes three days of celebrating all things related to great tasting local foods. See the Monhegan Fall Abundance Festival Facebook page for more information.