Sea Soup: Zooplankton

Sea Soup: Zooplankton features images by Yarmouth photographer Bill Curtsinger. The book was published by Tilbury House, Publishers, in conjunction with the Gulf of Maine Aquarium. Written for grades 3-7, Sea Soup: Zooplankton’s photographs and text explore the sea and the wide variety of drifting marine life. This book complements its companion title published previously,

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The Judge, the Fish and the Stars

All three Maine delegates to the New England Council voted with the majority to punt on the groundfish plan — placing the onus for a decision on federal fisheries managers in distant Washington, D.C. Then these same delegates were among the chorus protesting the federal court decision that in effect puts a judge in Washington,

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The events of Sept. 11 proved two things, among many others: that we are all linked inextricably, and that in this country at least, optimistic thinking will assert itself, even in the face of disaster. The linkages were immediately evident, of course, from the moment disaster struck — grounded airplanes meant a halt in air

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