Ticks are winning in invasion of Maine

Ticks. Even now, with snow, ice and frigid temperatures holding them in abeyance, the very mention of the little critters can make your skin crawl. But it gets worse, because those critters carry diseases like Lyme, anaplasmosis and babesiosis, illnesses that are debilitating as they are, at times, baffling to physicians. Chuck Lubelczyk, a field

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No need for selfies: Photographer captures islanders in ‘We Are Swan’s Island’ project

SWAN’S ISLAND — Whether it’s a wedding, reunion or holiday celebration, photographers often struggle to get all the key family members in their shots. Imagine how hard it was for Miranda Battiste to capture the family that is the island’s year-round population. By most measures, Batiste succeeded. Not only are the images—as evidenced by those

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Island Institute, by the numbers

A recent survey of our readers revealed that many of you wonder just what it is that the Island Institute does (besides publishing The Working Waterfront newspaper, that is). For all of us on staff here at the Institute, fielding that question in professional and social settings can give us pause. Not because we’re confused

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