Kate Webber’s ‘Swan’s Island Chronicles’ collects her interpretation of oral history

The subtitle of Kate Webber’s recently published book, Swan’s Island Chronicles, hints at its flavor: “Borrowed, Exaggerated and Half-Forgotten Tales of Island Life.” It’s a collection of vignettes that each feature the essential elements of a good yarn—colorful characters, often doing something unusual, with the added spice of being in an island setting. The stories

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Lobster coops offer price, market connection

VINALHAVEN — At the end a typical summer day, an 18-wheeler will roll onto the mainland-bound ferry loaded with 300-400 crates of live lobster packed in seaweed. The lobster—40,000 pounds of it, provided by the island’s lobster coop—is then trucked to a dealer who will sort and distribute the product to restaurants, processors and others.

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