Our grand old lady

The island house is like an old lady—proud, but a bit stooped and creaky if the truth be told. We make accommodations for her, even as she makes them for us. Literally. But when we invite guests to meet the old lady, we feel required to provide a great deal of detail about her various

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The Lobsterville Rodeo

This is not their first rodeo, you think, as you listen to the procession of lobster boats leaving the harbor one after the other beginning when the sky is still a dull gray wash on the horizon at 4 a.m. Their signatures are a series of small wakes trailing aft in the slate-still water as

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Little Maine wind, big bad wind

Ben Polito grew up on an island—bridged to the mainland—but at the remote end of Georgetown Island beyond the reach of CMP’s utility poles for the first seven years of his life. “Electricity was this cool thing that I saw in kindergarten and the neighbors had,” he recalled. So he got interested in how electricity

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