When I think about fishermen and scientists, I am reminded of a great one-liner from a movie, Cool Hand Luke, where Paul Newman’s jailer drawls his famously understated line. “What we have here,” he deadpans, “is a failure to communicate.” When the Penobscot Bay Collaborative began almost six years ago, the gap in perceptions of

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What does ‘leverage’ really mean?

Remember 8th grade science class when we learned about the world’s “seven simple machines?” The wheel, the pulley and the inclined plane were three simple machines, as I recall, and so, too, was the lever. I vaguely remember the observational exercises we did by placing a triangular block at different points along a board and

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The World According to Pimm

Reviewed by Philip W. Conkling This is a tour de force of almost numbing thoroughness, cataloging the indignities that we have heaped upon the world’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems. It will be hard to dispute David Pimm’s figures Ñ one can only hope that his careful accounting for all the tons of biomass and lost

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