Things are changing at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum this year. Not only has the schedule changed, condensing the bulk of events to the first Friday and Saturday in March, there will be changes to the content as well.

The forum will be held March 4-6 at the Samoset Resort.

After a difficult year across Maine’s fisheries, the 34th annual Fishermen’s Forum is looking to lighten things up and to provide more opportunity for participants to socialize and network along with the usual parade of informative seminars.

Highlights of the forum this year will include lobster profitability success stories, updates on ocean wind in Maine’s waters, information on the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s LobsterBiz program, as well as the return of the decompression chamber.

For those arriving Thursday March 4, lobstermen will be gathering at the Island Institute for a round table focused on how storms affect the fishery. This year, meteorologists, oceanographers, hydrologists, and biologists will be joining fishermen in an attempt to create a picture of how seasonal storms impact fishing and why. This round table is one in a series of yearly events helping to paint a picture of how the environment of the Gulf of Maine is changing and what it means for the lobster fishery.

Fishermen’s Forum organizers are working to keep costs as low as possible for participants and this year you have a chance to help out. By booking a package for the weekend at the Samoset Resort, part of your fee goes directly to help support the Fishermen’s Forum. Participants staying at the Samoset will also be entered to win a 2-night stay at next year’s Forum.

For more information on the Maine Fishermen’s Forum please contact Chilloa Young, Fishermen’s Forum Coordinator at (207) 442-7700 or

For more information about the Fishermen’s Round Tables please contact Gillian Garratt-Reed, Island Institute Marine Programs Officer at (207) 653-1415 or