The Island Institute has placed a new fellow on Islesford to work with the Town of Cranberry Isles on a community-sustainability initiative. Amanda Ravenhill will spearhead a multi-faceted project to address how Cranberry Isles can become a sustainable “green” community;. She will examine land-use policies, renewable energy options and local food production.

Bringing extensive experience and a passion for community development to her fellowship, Amanda has worked on health, education and economic initiatives in Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Namibia and Maine.

“The Cranberry Isles Sustainability Initiative was born as a forum to discuss past, present and future efforts to ensure the sustainability of the Cranberry Isles’ vibrant community and environment,” Ravenhill said. “We aim to put the Cranberry Isles on the map as the foremost forward-thinking, `green’ town in the area — I plan to work on making the dreams of the sustainability initiative a reality. I envision a Cranberry Isles where the communities function not only with sustainability in mind but also with goals of rejuvenation.” q

— Cyrus Moulton