Damn! I came back to New York state for some peace and quiet, and what happens? The Mainers and their Attitude show up and hassle me anyway. I am not going to go off on a rant here, but I guess old Krob won’t feel good about getting back to Vacationland for another four or five months this summer unless I fire off a couple of rounds.

I am not going to defend us arrogant, demanding, boisterous “summer complaints.” And I am not going to waste a New York minute whining about how many of you Mainers, especially along the coast, treat the folks that come your way to enjoy the scenery and empty their wallets.

You are right, Rusty. Maine does need Toots and Krob – do the math. You had better hope that most of the tourists don’t sit down and figure out that there are other places to go – like anywhere in the U.S., and most anywhere else but France and Iraq – and not have to put up with the Maine Attitude.

Don’t think you’re that bad? Give yourself a real fun experience this summer. Spend two or three days behind the wheel of a car with out of state plates – make it from Massachusetts or New York. You’ll start to get it, and you’ll see a lot of “birds.”

Enough of this. It was my last issue of the paper anyway – I won’t have you to kick Krob around any more.

Pete Crooker

Pittsford, New York

Born and raised in Maine, living away by choice