Candidates Island-Hop for Votes

If you’re fishing for votes in House District 36, you’re going to spend some time at sea. That’s the word from the candidates: Incumbent Rep. Walter Kumiega of Little Deer Isle, and Kim Strauss of Bass Harbor. They both live on bridged islands, but the legislative district extends across part of Mount Desert and Tremont

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AmeriCorps Chief Visits Maine

Kate Webber, an AmeriCorps volunteer on Swan’s Island, talked about her work to digitally record and exhibit town history four years after fire leveled the town library and destroyed historical documents. An Island Fellow with the Island Institute, Webber said that while she fell in love with the island, she doesn’t plan to marry a

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Traditional Boats Make a Comeback

Down a twisting dirt lane on the shore of Poorhouse Cove lies a prosperous boat yard, still building traditional wooden boats, still launching them straight into the sea. Despite a troubled economy, this yard is thriving. While other yards truck their boats to customers and have switched to fiberglass hulls, John’s Bay Boat Company in

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