Vinalhaven women line up to be “losers”

The reality television explosion in recent years affords people in all walks of life new and exciting opportunities. Trips to exotic locales promise adventure and/or romance, months long job interviews assure candidates power and prestige as the protégé of a famous businessperson, other competitions promise fame and fortune in the music and fashion industries. In

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Ho, Ho, Ho

Most American children know that Santa Claus arrives on Christmas Eve driving a reindeer-powered sleigh. What most of those children don’t know is that Santa also travels by helicopter doing 160 miles per hour. Flying Santa, as he has come to be known, visits lighthouses and Coast Guard stations along the East Coast from Jonesport,

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Fooling the Eye – Painted postcards, portraits tell Vinalhaven’s quarrying story

Vinalhaven residents have always been proud of their granite-quarrying heritage. This summer artists Pamela and James Grumbach memorialized that facet of the island’s history in a mural in Tibb’s Restaurant on Vinalhaven. The mural reaches from floor to ceiling and flanks both sides of an enormous granite fireplace. The finished piece is actually a montage

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