Pony Camp

If you’re a kid, summer is a time for camp. Day camp, baseball camp, Y camp, basketball camp, scout camp, 4-H camp – you name it, it’s out there. But if you’re an island kid summer camps are often less plentiful and more inaccessible than for those on the mainland. This summer, Vinalhaven kids had

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Monhegan: where an artist can’t not paint

Perhaps more than any other Maine island, Monhegan has a history of being an artists’ colony, a place where artists flock in the summertime to make and sell art. Rockwell Kent, Jay Connaway and Andrew Wyeth established this reputation decades ago, and today’s artists are both enjoying the benefits of that reputation and carrying on

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Island residents speak their minds on war

Though we islanders may be isolated from much of the rest of the world, we are not immune to the politics and controversies that affect our nation. Lately this means differing opinions on the impending war with Iraq. Here on Vinalhaven, residents have had no trouble making their opinions known. Each Saturday since Feb. 15,

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