From starfish to chocolates

“Wonderful,” is how David Quinby describes BDC’s home ownership and business development. House #1’s first tenants, David and Marcia Quinby, established the adjacent structure to make a work space to secure a livelihood in 1993. Recalls David, “It was the first thing we did. Otherwise we’d have no place to work. We saw our savings

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Island seasons inspire album

North Haven music, theatre and English teacher Courtney Naliboff, 29, has just released her first solo album via, making it available to the world at no cost. “I want as many people to hear it as possible,” explains Naliboff of Almanac, the album inspired by her environment, particularly the island of North Haven, “People

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Alice in Wonderland

In Alice in Wonderland, the mix of music, acting, images, stagecraft and lighting left room only to enjoy the challenges before the protagonist and commiserate with her about them. The obstacles laid at Alice’s feet were artfully slung with words from daunting creatures reveling in how well they could trip up the unfortunate young lady.

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