Something to write home about

Last June, William Robinson, currently a fifth grader at the Chebeague Island School in Casco Bay, could be found near the bowsprit of the schooner Timberwind, gazing off at the horizon opposite Rockport. Or you would find him sitting next to the captain at the helm or taking the huge wheel himself and guiding the

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I forgot to buy eggs. And bread. And milk. Our very first guests were sleeping upstairs, and I wandered around the kitchen wondering how I would fix this dilemma. After a month of painting and cleaning and moving furniture and placing the vases of lilac branches just so in guest rooms anticipating our first customers,

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Rowing their own boat

Four years ago, in the spring of 2005, SAD 51 proposed elimination of the fourth and fifth grades at Chebeague Island’s K-5 school- a proposal that would set in a motion a small but powerful revolution in Casco Bay. At the front lines stood Mabel Doughty, then 82. “It’s time to row our own boat!”

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