Law firm to move into Portland waterfront

Property owners in the central waterfront zone in Portland are generally-and perhaps surprisingly-optimistic about plans to convert the giant Cumberland Cold Storage building on Merrill Wharf into office space for northern New England’s largest law firm. “The ripple effect will be huge,” predicts Charlie Poole, owner of neighboring Union Wharf and a well-regarded spokesman for

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Portland considers changes to waterfront zoning

Finding the key to success for Portland’s working waterfront has challenged city officials and shorefront property owners for more than 20 years. Now they’re trying again, with a revised zoning statute that would relax the currently strict rules concerning allowable uses in the central waterfront zone between the Maine State Pier and the International Marine

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Islanders pick their battles with invasive species

Islands have their own unique ecosystems, but their isolation also makes them uniquely vulnerable to invaders from the mainland. Landscapers who want to use Japanese barberry in their garden designs aren’t welcome on Monhegan Island, for example. Bamboo doesn’t have any friends on Swan’s Island. Bittersweet is considered more bitter than sweet on Islesboro. Monhegan’s

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