Always on duty, always in sight

The work of an Island Fellow often follows a schedule quite different from those work roles most people are accustomed to. The standard 9-5 shifts followed by going home don’t really apply. Sometimes, I find myself working from home. As I write this, actually, I am sitting at my home desk as the snow falls

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On the road, on the water

I often find myself travelling as part of my fellowship. In fact, a large selling point of the fellowship was the chance to travel to other islands and communities. The work I do includes a number of participating schools, which allows me this opportunity, coupling the excitement of going to another locale with the pleasure

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I’m the local stranger

Editor’s note: Ian Watkins is an Island Fellow through AmeriCorps and the Island Institute on Deer Isle, working at Deer Isle-Stonington High School. In this, his second year, he will write a regular column about his life and work. Do I live on a Maine Island? Yes, I do. But to be frank the answer

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