Aquaculture grows to include shellfish, seaweed

Growing shellfish and seaweed along the coast of Maine is becoming more popular. Dana Morse, a marine extension associate for Maine Sea Grant who focuses on shellfish aquaculture, believes the public has had a change of heart on what was a controversial activity. “The overall understanding and acceptance generally of aquaculture and farm-raised seafood has

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Gulf of Maine uniquely susceptible to ocean acidification

A recent study led by Aleck Wang, a chemical oceanographer from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, has identified the Gulf of Maine as outstanding in an unfortunate way—more susceptible to pressures of ocean acidification than any other region along the eastern seaboard and Gulf of Mexico. Ocean acidification may not be a familiar term for many,

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Green crabs as lobster bait working in Nova Scotia

It’s a fishing version of the old “If life gives you lemons…” adage. Instead of passively watching invasive green crabs devour native species, fishermen and scientists in Nova Scotia have acted, turning the invader into an asset. At the Maine Green Crab Summit in Orono in December, Chris McCarthy, ecologist with the province’s Kejimkujik National

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