North Haven resident Mary White announced her plan to donate a Victorian house (the former Rice/Peleg Thomas farm, seen in this photo by North Haven’s Bill Trevaskis) to be used for an assisted living residence. The house will be donated to to North Haven Sustainable Housing, the local affordable housing group, while the Helen’s House Project establishes the necessary non-profit standing, said Hannah Pingree, who serves on housing group’s board of directors.

The plan is to expand the house to be able to accommodate 4-6 assisted living units for elderly islanders. Eight acres of land that accompany the house, which form a point on Southern Harbor, will be donated to North Haven Conservation Partners, the local land trust, and made accessible to the public.

White, said Pingree, “is a very generous member of the summer community.” Chebeague, Vinalhaven and Islesboro islands already have assisted living for elderly, she said.