According to reports by the Portland Press Herald, Maine Aqua Ventus’ MAV I project, which would have placed two wind turbines in the state-designated test site off of Monhegan Island, was not selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to receive a large federal grant. Three competing projects, located in Oregon, New Jersey, and Virginia, received $46 million grants to develop wind power projects. 

The Maine project will be an alternate in case any of the winning projects drop out, the Press Herald reported.

Reaction is likely to be mixed on Monhegan, where opinions about the project already ranged widely, and thirteen year-round and summer residents have formed the Monhegan Energy Task Force (METF) to communicate directly with Maine Aqua Ventus.

“METF is neither for nor against the MAV I offshore wind project,” said Marian Chioffi, co-chair of the task force. “METF organized in order to keep island voices at the forefront of conversation in regards to the ocean energy test site near Monhegan. We hope that despite the funding not being granted to MAV, that communications will continue and Monhegan’s best interests will be addressed in any future development at the test site.”