ROBBINSTON — Jennifer Yando and Scott Graeber of Tenth Village Farm work with purpose to create a life that reflects their shared commitment to sustainability. They aim to stay small, maintain diversity and set prices for the local market.

Yando, once a vegetarian, began eating meat once she raised it and was able to butcher it herself. Today with their 1-year-old son, Winton, they live in a renovated farm house next to a large family of animals in four handmade structures and elaborate fenced areas.

“We want to provide the community what we want in our own diet,” she said.

This summer, the couple will have a Maine-certified processing facility, currently under construction and connected to their house. At that point they will be able to sell rabbits and poultry at the local farmers market. At present they sell 15 dozen eggs a week from their home and to local buyer’s clubs.

The community also helps by bringing materials they recycle into their structures, including bottles, used wood and slabs from a local saw mill. Tenth Village Farm also is a member of the Sunrise County Food Alliance.