This has been called the worst financial crisis in United States history since the Great Depression. Companies are closing down and people are losing jobs. In Maine, entire industries-such as lobstering-have suffered enormously.

Virtually no one is immune to this economic meltdown, including the Island Institute, which publishes the Inter-Island News/Working Waterfront. Everyone in this crisis is tightening belts in order to survive. As a result, the Island Institute is taking a careful look at how it accomplishes its goals. It has meant some difficult choices. It has meant examining every position and every function at the institute and shifting some priorities.

After careful consideration, we decided to combine the February and March issues of Working Waterfront into one paper. This was not a decision made lightly. We understand how important this newspaper is for islanders, coastal residents and all who care about the coast and working waterfront.

But the Working Waterfront does not operate in a vacuum. We are part of the Island Institute’s larger mission to sustain the 15 year-round island and the 145 working waterfront communities along the coast.

Although we are printing this combined winter issue, when advertising revenue is lower, we are making plans for expanded summer issues, to better serve our readers and advertisers. Between now and the April issue, please check our web site,, where we will feature new content and updates about ongoing issues on a regular basis.

Our goal at the Inter-Island News/Working Waterfront always remains to provide you with the best local journalism about the working waterfront and islands of the Maine coast.