You caught my attention with the article, “Guns on ferries: balancing safety and rights, Working Waterfront, October 2008). My favorite part of the article was the last sentence: “There were so many guns in the wheelhouse, the captain couldn’t move.” Just before that statement, the article stated that the practice that led to that result was abandoned.

I know the “gun” thing is a problem for some people; that’s OK. Those of us who have trained with fire arms and have permits to carry may be your only “first responders” on a ferry. Think of that. If you or your family is threatened by armed violence, there may be someone sitting next to you who is reading a book or watching the spectacular view, who can defend you. We are vigilant. We don’t ever want to draw a weapon, except for target practice. However, if we believe we can save a life we will. Most of us will have gray hair, these days. We were probably Boy Scouts and know CPR. I would rather whip out a Band-Aid, if your kid trips, than draw my pistol. My message is: don’t ever think that depriving me of a tool will ever make you safer.

Bruce N. Finkle

Long Island