Fifth through 12th graders from North Haven and Vinalhaven will celebrate the arts on May 29 through a variety of workshops and performances on North Haven. Workshops, taught by local artists, community members and teachers will include movement, stone cutting (granite), drama, poetry, origami, culinary arts, visual arts and instrumental and choral music in addition to drafting and fencing. A variety of sites in downtown North Haven will be put to use, including Waterman’s Community Center, the gym, Nebo Lodge, Nancy’s Body Shop and the North Haven Baptist Church.

Workshops will take place in the morning after a special chartered ferry brings Vinalhaven students to North Haven. Those who participate in the culinary arts at Nebo Lodge will provide lunch for the estimated 160-170 participants. Performances and tours are scheduled for the afternoon sessions. At 2:30, the charter ferry will depart North Haven to return students and staff to Vinalhaven.

The concept for Fox Islands Arts Festival surfaced at the last Island Schools’ Conference, sponsored by the Island Institute. The festival is sponsored in part by the Island Institute, Maine Community Foundation, North Haven Arts & Enrichment and Vinalhaven’s Partners in Island Education in addition to North Haven Community School and Vinalhaven School.