To the editor:

I have been remiss in not contacting you sooner. I work at one of the small island post offices along the coast of Maine. Any and all business that you have sent our way is greatly appreciated and needed. I personally thank every stamp-by-mail customer that orders from me–and I neglected to say “thanks” to you.

We work with a very small population base that has not increased much over the years. We have no business accounts to augment our local sales, so every year it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the estimated sales set by the USPS. If anyone hates going to their local post office and waiting in line for stamps, we provide a very convenient service. Most orders are back in the mail on the same day that we receive them. For large or unique orders, please allow a day or two extra for your stamps to arrive. Enclosed with your order will be an up-to-date list of the most common denomination stamps available and easy-to-use reorder envelopes. I am very proud of the Long Island Post Office — 04050 — and the service that we provide. Please stop in if you are on the island.

Pammy Parker

Long Island

(To order stamps from an island post office, see
the Stamps-by-Mail ad on page 8. -ed.)