To the editor:
As a retired senior citizen on a fixed income, I like to supplement my dinner table, when I can, with fresh fish from the Gulf of Maine. When the weather is bad and I cannot take my little boat out I would like to be able to sit on my boat or on the side of the dock and catch some crabs. However, Maine, unlike any other state that I am aware of, will not let me catch crabs for my table. They want me to get a lobstermen’s license to catch crabs! Even at age 70 is still costs too much to get that license for a few pounds of crab meat. If they are afraid my one little hand held crab trap will cause the demise of the lobster industry, I promise to throw back any lobsters that wander into my crab trap along with any undersized fish. Isn’t there some way to change a punitive law that only hurts the poor and t retired citizens on a fixed income. If the State of “TaxaMaineia” must collect something, is it possible to have a small fee of five or ten dollars a year for one hand-held crab trap.

Harold Goodman
Eastport, ME