On July 30 the Islesboro Preschool hosted a very successful lobster dinner and claw auction. The two-foot-long fiberglass lobster claws, decorated by local artists, were on display throughout town during the month of July. There were one hundred tickets sold for the dinner, which included mussels, corn-on-the-cob and the featured crustacean donated by fisherman JT Zlotkowski. Preschool parents made the pies and worked at the dinner. The event’s auctioneer was the ever-charming Donny Pendleton, of Islesboro Realty. The event was held at the Dark Harbor House, which donated their space, and attendees were treated to the musical melodies of the Charlie Pendleton Band. Cleanwoods donated their port-a-potties, and Janet Anderson and Liz Chandler handled the money taking duties.

Sara Babbidge, the Islesboro preschool director, was thrilled with the results of this event, which raised over $11,000 for the nonprofit preschool. This year’s fundraising event was the idea of Kim Grindle, the preschool’s fundraising chairperson. Her inspiration was the Belfast Bears, fiberglass sculptures that have graced the streets of Belfast, Maine, in summers past. The six lobster claws were purchased online and distributed to local artists for beautification. Artists included Apple Bartlett, Nathan Oldham, The Lars Nelson family, the Islesboro preschool, the “Tarratine Tots” group and John Travolta.

In July the claws popped up all over town, adding to the anticipation of the auction, and it will be interesting to see where the claws turn up now. One claw, purchased by the yacht club, was mounted on a ledge overlooking the bay.

The program is child centered and strives to provide early intervention for children and families before entering “the big school.” Services may include speech, occupational and physical therapy. This coming year will see yoga instruction added to its roster of services. There were ten students in this year’s program, and seven children are enrolled for the coming school year.