The remarkable light (artists are always talking about light) continues to inspire generation after generation of American artists, but it has become increasingly difficult for artists to find affordable housing for extended visits on Monhegan.

The Carina Residency offers Maine artists use of a cottage and studio every summer. For the past years, this program, administered through the Farnsworth Museum and sponsored by the Monhegan Artists’ Residency Corporation, has given two Maine artists the opportunity to live on the island for either one of two subsequent five-week residency periods every summer. The artists — defined by this program as anyone engaged in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture or photography “as may be appropriate to the Monhegan situation” — enjoy use of a cottage and studio, as well as a stipend of $600 to cover food and other basic necessities. And the application entailed in this program requires artists to send a letter summarizing professional background and experience, a resume, 20 slides encapsulating the previous 12 to 18-months’ work, and names, addresses and phone numbers for two personal references and two professional references.

— S.N.