RAWFAITH, the 100-foot, three-masted galleon built in Jonesport by dedicated volunteers (WWF Oct 04), reached Rockland in September, and her owners now plan to sail her south to New Jersey and eventually to Jacksonville, Florida.

RAWFAITH was designed to be the first wheelchair accessible large sailing vessel. She was launched Aug. 2.

Since then, executive officer Charles M. Brugh has been on the lookout for some critical donations to make the southbound voyage possible: funds for a sea anchor and a life raft ($2,100 and $9,500 respectively) as well as foul weather gear, heavy-duty life vests and a diesel generator.

The vessel has no engine. Two pieces of safety gear are already aboard. “We have a radar,” Brugh said, and RAWFAITH also has an emergency position indicating radiobeacon (EPIRB).

Crew are another need at this point, Brugh said. He’s looking for four deckhands, a captain with experience sailing to Florida and back, and galley help.

To follow RAWFAITH’s progress or to make a donation, visit www.rawfaith.org or call 207-423-2710.