The Nov. 4 referendum proposal by two Maine Indian tribes to build a casino in Casino lost in all island communities by substantial margins.

Peaks Island, which is part of Portland, defeated the Casino 526-317, while Cliff and Great Diamond Islands, also in Portland, voted against it 32-19 and 37-15, respectively. On Chebeague Island, part of Cumberland, the vote was 167-45. On Long Island, the only Casco Bay island that is an independent town, the negative vote on the casino was 122-47.

Elsewhere the margins were just as large. Great Cranberry’s vote against the casino was 31-9; Islesford’s was 51-16; Swan’s Island’s was 147-28; Monhegan’s was 45-7. On Islesboro the casino lost 266-79; on Isle au Haut 29-13; on Matinicus 29-5; on North Haven 125-59; on Vinalhaven 343-152.

Islanders split their votes on the other two major referendum questions.

Peaks Islanders favored Alternative B on Question 1, the three-choice item on state funding for schools. Cliff voted for Alternative 1-B, as did Great Diamond, Chebeague and Long.

Alternative 1-B prevailed on both of the Cranberry Isles, but Swan’s Island voted for 1-A, as did Monhegan, Isle au Haut, Matinicus and Vinalhaven. Alternative 1-B got the most votes on North Haven, and on Monhegan, Alternatives 1B and 1C (none of the above) tied, 19-19.

Statewide, none of Question 1’s three alternatives received a majority, and another version of the question is due to appear on ballots again next year.

Question 2, which would have allowed slot machines at certain horse racing tracks, passed on Peaks, Cliff, Isle au Haut, Matinicus, North Haven, Vinalhaven and Long Island. It failed everywhere else.