To the editor:

I am writing in response to letters written by both Beverly Johnson and Bette Tellinghuisen printed in the WWF’s August issue. The aforementioned letters were responses to a letter written by Steven Parker titled “Right Spokesperson?” After reading Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Tellinghuisen’s replies to the editorial I felt compelled to respond to their editorials.

I believe the point of Mr. Parker’s editorial was missed entirely. As a “former islander” Mr. Parker felt insulted that Mr. Hill not only felt he needed to speak for the island people, but insinuated that if it weren’t for people like him, Chebeague Island would be nowhere. I agree with Mr. Parker. As a “former islander,” I do not want to see anyone taking all the credit in the island community, least of all someone with a belittling demeanor who thinks the residents don’t know any better.

Mr. Parker never in any way said that Mr. Hill didn’t do many great volunteer services for the island, just that Mr. Hill needs to practice a little humility. Furthermore, if Mrs. Johnson needs to write paragraphs detailing Mr. Hill’s credentials and listing his many services, maybe he’s not been as much of a Godsend as some would think.

I should also point out that Mr. Parker apologized if he offended anyone. He was not writing to perform “character assassination” as Ms. Tellinghuisen wrongfully accused him of, but rather to awaken people to what was taking place in their community. Maybe Mr. Parker was wrong. Perhaps those “islanders” who can’t speak for themselves do need someone like Mr. Hill to think and speak for them.

Despite Mr. Parker’s efforts, it appears that some islanders don’t want to hear the opinion of a “former islander,” even if he was raised there. However, in the future whose same “islanders” should keep this in mind when sending out mailings to “former islanders” requesting donations for island organizations. Apparently Mr. Parker’s money is welcome, but his opinion is not. They should be ashamed to live in a community where people whine piteously that their young people are moving away, but then treat them with indifference and rejection when they try to keep in touch.

While on the subject of opinions I would like to say that Ms. Tellinghuisen needs to be reminded that an opinions page is just that – opinions – and everyone has a right to voice them according to their 1st Amendment rights. Or hasn’t Mr. Hill informed you of that yet? The WWF was fully within their rights to print the editorial in question and I praise them for having the guts to do it!

Lynne Cary

Raymond, Maine