The Sailing Misadventures of Two Innocents at Sea, by James A. McCracken (Custom Communications, 2003): experiences afloat of Betty and Jim McCracken, a New York couple who later retired to Damariscotta. The author is familiar with adventure writing, having produced about 600 radio scripts for Boston Blackie and The Cisco Kid. He was also a senior editor at Reader’s Digest. Innocents at Sea was originally published in hardback 27 years ago. The new edition is the work of their daughter, Carol.

Silas Crockett, by Mary Ellen Chase (Islandport Press, 2003). A reprint of a Maine classic, the story of four generations of a seafaring family.

Life Between the Tides: Maine Plants and Animals of the Northeast, by Les Watling, Jill Fegley and John Moring, illustrated by Andrea Sulzer; edited by Susan K. White, Maine Sea Grant Program (Tilbury House, Publishers, 2003). A field guide to plants and animals of the intertidal zone.

Herrings in the Bay, recorded by Gordon Bok and friends. Songs of fishing and the loss of fisheries. (Compact disc, Timberhead, 2003)

Down on the Island, Upon the Main: A Recollected History of South Bristol, Maine, compiled and annotated by Ellen Vincent (Tilbury House and the South Bristol Historical Society, 2003). Pictures and anecdotes of a midcoast community.