Cranberry Isles held its town meeting on Great Cranberry March 10 in the newly renovated Fire House. Not unexpectedly, Hugh Dwelley was elected moderator and sworn in before a standing-room-only crowd that included Islesford students observing the process for a lesson in civics.

Frances Bartlett was sworn in as Town Clerk, Treasurer, Collector of Taxes and Excise Taxes. Edgar Blank, of Islesford, won a 3 year term as selectman, joining Richard Beal and David Stainton.

Cindy Thomas retired from the school board and was replaced by Theodore Spurling, Jr., after 14 years of service.

Residents agreed to renew their lease with the Roman Catholic Bishop of Portland to retain the 123 parking spots at the church on Joy Road in Northeast Harbor. Bobby Philips and Kelly Sanborn were elected to the Shellfish Conservation Committee amid much discussion about the state of the clam flats, license fees to dig, and how the ordinance impacts the future use of the flats.

The total budget passed was $1,016,804.

Following the meeting, an amazing lunch of Cornish game hens, prepared by Richard Beal, was served at the Ladies Aid Building.