The Cranberry Isles Realty Trust (CIRT) has received a $5,000 grant from the Maine Community Foundation for renovation of the Kane House on Great Cranberry Island.

“With this donation we expect to be able to complete work on the Kane House,” said Chris White, CIRT President. “Turning this house into a home for sale or rent has been quite a project. Cap Kane donated the house, which we moved across the island to a new foundation, and have since been upgrading the utilities. We look forward to having a family living there this summer.”

CIRT owns two other homes, one on Great Cranberry and another on neighboring Islesford. Both are rented at affordable rates to qualifying people. To meet its mission of providing year-round housing for those whom otherwise could not afford it, CIRT is always looking for suitable land or houses on the islands for purchase or to accept as donations. Anyone interested in living year-round in one of the Cranberry Isles’ communities should get in touch. For information, call Barbara Stainton at (207) 244-7316.