To the editor:

Thank you for running the picture of the “gated coast” (WWF Nov. 2002), keeping the loss of shoreline access forefront in people’s minds.

The Friends of Martinsville Beach has a board of directors meeting weekly in an effort to restore established access. The board has incorporated and applied for 501 (c) (3) status. A website at will soon be up and running.

It is important to note that visitors are welcome to a major part of the shore being closed off by that gate. Beautiful Mosquito Head and portions of the beach continue to welcome hikers, picnickers and beachgoers. However, access to these places is being blocked by the gate, against owners’ wishes.

It is good to realize there are landowners who still view their shoreline as wealth to be shared. Enclosed is a photo of Mosquito Head taken by such owners.

Loss of shoreline access, not only in Martinsville, but elsewhere along our coast is an issue we all must be aware of for the sake of future generations. Please keep reminding us to be vigilant in maintaining or securing our right to use the Maine coast.

Jane Hall

Tenants Harbor