Swan’s Island, which has seen its access to the shore virtually disappear to private landowners and development over the last decade, has obtained an option to acquire a 10-acre parcel of open space on the historic Mill Pond in Burnt Coat Harbor. The $400,000 purchase price will be raised through donations and gifts, not from taxation. The Mill Pond Park Committee, with assistance of key partners, planning professionals and others, will spearhead a year-long planning process and fundraising effort to make the park a community reality. Members of the Mill Pond Park Committee are Andrew Adam, Christal Applin, John Bryan, Nancy Carter, Carolyn Grace and Sonny Sprague. For further information, contact Town of Swan’s Island, P.O. Box 100, Swan’s Island, Maine 04685, email swanisle@tdstelme.net, telephone (207) 526-4279 or fax (207) 526-4172.