Islesboro Central School renovation wins praise

“I don’t miss anything about the old school,” asserted eighth-grader Krystal Randlett though some teachers, staff, and students did voice nostalgia for the intimate features of the old summer cottage mansion converted in 1954 to a school building. Physical Education teacher and Athletic Director Andrew Leach, who attended Islesboro Central School (ICS) from first grade

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Islesboro students get eye-opening results from deer study

A recent and startling increase in tick-borne Lyme disease among Islesboro residents gave nine students in Islesboro Central School’s ninth grade, and two of their teachers, science teacher Heather Sinclair and business and computer education teacher Vicki Conover, a unique and perfect opportunity to combine classroom and experiential learning. To examine the connection between the

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My currant situation

Thank goodness currants are so waterproof, unlike a raspberry, which never met a drop of moisture that didn’t turn it into mush. In a waterlogged season like this one the currants swell marvelously, turn red or dark purple, depending on the variety, and hang patiently, shiny and brilliant, for a couple of weeks until I

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