Survival skills for the planet

Step into my shoes for a moment: You are the president of the Island Institute and have accepted an invitation to attend a discussion on Lake Como in Bellagio, Italy with 20 corporate and nonprofit leaders from around the world. Over the course of a week, you are to work as part of this new

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The Penobscot: a threatened bay

Once again there is good reason to be concerned about the future of Penobscot Bay. The ongoing lack of a regional approach to industrial development, a narrowing economic base, aging demographic trends and the shifting seas of global markets now conspire to pull apart what was once a coherent system. In 1996 the Island Institute

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Making History

A little less than two years ago I walked into an empty field on Swan’s Island and was overcome by the grief of standing where the community’s historical and library collections had been consumed by fire. In July of 2008, the old Atlantic School House that housed the collections was struck by lightning in the

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