Wine Tasting

Who says fishermen don’t like the finer things in life? The Lobster Institute, based at the University of Maine’s Orono campus, easily disproved that notion by entertaining a hundred of its friends at a wine-tasting fundraiser on Dec. 3. Guests sampled fine reds and whites in addition to non-alcoholic beverages, along with cheeses and lobster-based

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Buy Carefully, Buy Locally

It started with pet food — when animals began dying mysteriously in the U.S. months ago and the source of the problem was revealed as poison coming from the prepared, brand-name foods served by loving owners. The culprit was melamine, an illegal ingredient added to wheat flour by some Chinese factories to make the flour

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Tommy Makem –

Tommy Makem has died and left a gaping hole in the universe of Irish music. This native of the north of Ireland who lived in Dover, New Hampshire, for many years, will be remembered for many things — his powerful vibrating voice, his humor, a magnetic stage presence, and the wonderful songs that will be

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