Report proposes

A recent report suggests a radical change for state fisheries management in Maine. According to the report, “Reforming Fisheries Management in Maine,” prepared for the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR), the agency could take itself out of the day-to-day management of state fisheries by turning management over to a council made up of elected

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Southern New England lobsters in decline

Lobstermen and regulators are equally concerned about a continuing decline in lobster harvests in southern New England, but harvesters say they shouldn’t bear the brunt of blame for the sharp drop in stocks. The decline has been steady for the last three years for which final landings figures are available – 1999 through 2001 –

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“Positive public relations”

The fishing situation may be tough right now, but New Englanders believe they are tougher. A group of 30 New England processors and other seafood- related industries have banded together to combat the negative images they see plaguing their industry now and replace them with a picture more to their liking. “The landscape has changed

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