Eastport Boat School struggle continues

A recently published report on boatbuilding in Maine demonstrates that the industry is central to Maine’s economic well being. At the same time, the report indicates that there are obstacles that could prevent boatbuilding here from thriving in the future. “Maine’s Boatbuilding Industry: Obstacles & Opportunities,” published by Planning Decisions Inc. of South Portland, states,

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“Hands Clasped as if in Prayer”

Robert Peter Tristram Coffin was a Pulitzer-Prize-winning poet, an essayist, a Maine historian and chronicler — and in the fall of 1954 he was my Shakespeare professor at Bowdoin College. Sadly, the course lasted only a semester because he passed away in Portland during my sophomore midyear break in January 1955. I’ve always been grateful

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Trap Door

Eastport’s amateur sleuth returns One of the difficulties of reviewing a murder mystery is that you’re tempted to quote or refer to some of the really good stuff. If you do, of course, there’s a good chance you’re going to give away good chunks of the plot. That said, I’m warning readers of Trap Door,

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